Our Services

In order to meet the requirements of the SR&ED tax credit program, Service Optiprint Inc. will identify all potential projects and evaluate the eligibility of these projects developed by our clients. These projects, of technical or technological nature, have been, in most cases, instigated to create or improve materials, products, devices or processes. We will then issue a detailed technical report and related expenditures which will be finalized by our internal tax specialists. Basically, our resources, knowledge and business approach are designed to optimize the value that you can recuperate from your development expenditures.

Optiprint’s consultants have an in-depth knowledge of the admissibility criteria for the SR&ED tax credit program coupled with an unmatched, hands-on printing industry experience. Therefore, Service Optiprint Inc. has the capabilities to offer the following services:

  • We will initially conduct a free-of-charge assessment to determine the extent of your specific work that qualifies for the SR&ED program.
  • We will take the necessary time to clearly explain the SR&ED tax credit program, making it a truly comprehensive process that everyone can understand.
  • We will help you identify all the development activities especially in the difficult cases where it is not so obvious on how these technical developments can meet the SR&ED criteria. This process will take place at your facility with the least amount of disruption to your staff.
  • We will write a full technical report which will include all the eligible projects and we will calculate the related expenditures.
  • We will complete the credit forms and make sure that your claim can receive the maximum available return.
  • We will prepare and assist you in supporting your SR&ED claim if CRA requires more information or undertakes an audit of the project claims.
  • We will provide guidance and examples of procedures for a better documentation process. This will ultimately increase your returns with future development projects.
  • We will prepare and submit claims in either French or English in all provinces.

Our People, our professionalism, our printing industry expertise and the quality of the services rendered by our staff, confer an undeniable advantage to Service Optiprint Inc. Optiprint is proud to be the only company solely dedicated in offering a specialized SR&ED consultancy service in the vast area of the Graphic Arts industry.